Star Seed Interview: Chris Lopes

Here is an e-interview of a fellow artist who is consciously creating his own culture along with his collective RWSD.

” I am Chris Lopes, a member of the beautiful RSWD collective and a lover of life. I’m identified mostly as a poet, but I have passion in many different forms of creating such as script writing, song writing, film and music video directing, fashion, and cooking.”

♦Are you in art school?♦

Chris L: I was enrolled as a student at AAU, but due to life situations I am currently on a different path.For what its worth, I think the idea of a school dedicated to the study and progression of the arts is an amazing concept.

♦Tell us about RWSD♦

Chris L: RSWD is a group of 5 kids who will grow into the “future” that elders always talk about. We focus on using our individual and collective creativity as a way to spark a positive change in the world. Mere roses growing from concrete… we aren’t perfect, nor do we aim to be. We are honest and we have our faults, but we use the knowledge of our imperfect perfections as a way to spread life messages to the world in various creative ways.
♦What does “Creating Culture” mean to you?♦
Chris L: You have the power to change the world, literally.
♦What do you see for the future?♦
Chris L: A world of people following their dreams and loving themselves and their lives, as well as others.
♦How do you contribute to the changing times?♦
Chris L: I love people. I always make it a point to open doors, smile often, and speak positively in every situation in hopes to spark a change in society. Pay it forward…
♦What are some suggestions/ inventions that in your mind would benefit society?♦
Chris L:Get rid of money.
♦When did you decide to write and publish your own poetry books, did anything hold you back?♦

Chris L: Writing is just something that I do when it feels right. I don’t really have a guideline or process of the way it all happens. I just think and do it simultaneously. Everything that is meant to be will be, that’s the way I look at life. I worry about critism and acceptance from peers, but when I really think about it, if I were to suppress who I am and how I feel as a person then I will never reach my full potential in life. My advice to anyone, do whatever you want and don’t worry about judgement because it’s all irrelevant to your life goals, unless you allow it to change your life goals and dreams.

♦If you could read a poem to anyone alive or dead who would it be?♦
Chris L: It’s a personal goal of mine to one day write a song with Sir Paul McCartney. I’m sure our creation would be sparked by a poetic piece.
♦How powerful is art to you?♦

Chris L: Art is my religion. It is everything. The way I walk, talk, think, etc… it’s all art to me. I don’t put faith in any church. I serve God through art, by remaining honest with myself and with him in hopes of making the world a better place.

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