Written Word: Nothing But Roses

Nothing But Roses

What ever happened to that
that grew from concrete?
As millions roamed the streets
without acknowledging its feat,
sprouting out seeds
to flourish the ground
of which they sleep on,
those roses, they keep strong
even after the tragic passing
of their passionate-poetic
revolutionary father.
Why bother
pondering the fate of their martyr?
It is he who taught them
that without him they’ll be smarter.
You see,
his passing left those gasping
for the air of change to unify,
as stems become intertwined,
without being televised.
So if you ever find yourself asking,
what ever happened…
Know that he perished,
but his seeds continue to cherish
each moment
as you wander the streets unknowingly
amongst a field filled
nothing but roses.
-Chris Lopes
Check Out his published work here!

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