Shamanic Drumming- Journey Within Yourself

Wear some headphones and lay flat with your eyes closed or covered.
Take deep breaths and imagine your thoughts are like clouds being pushed away by wind.

Intention is very important when you journey, affirm your intentions before you begin. Here are some examples:

“I am going to meet with my spirit guardian.”

“I am going to receive a message from my spirit animal”

Never ask questions beginning with “Should I?” That is giving away your power to the spirit and it can take over you if you allow this. Instead ask, “What is the outcome of?”

Imagine yourself on a trail, walking towards an entrance surrounded by light, a doorway to your inner realm.  You enter this doorway and on the other side are stairs, some going up and some going down. There are three spirit worlds you can visit, the upper, lower, and middle. The middle world is where we receive direct intuition from all the time so its best to travel higher or lower.

*Make sure when the beat speeds up or ends that you return the way you came into your body.

This process is very helpful in learning about our true nature. All of the information you need to do this successfully is within.

Go for it, and please feel free to share any profound experience or message that you bring back from your journey.

Happy travels!

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