Had to reblog this wonderful interview done by RauttenCulture on a conscious musican and artist, LowLeaf

The Inner City's Cliche

b4 you read, listen/watch

– shot by knocksteady.

peace, first off we would just like to thank you for the opportunity to accomplish such thing, can you please introduce yourself to our viewers.

Greetings. I go by Low leaf. A pleasure to connect.

would you consider your sound to be a reflection of where you are from?

The sound is always changing. Perhaps that’s the sound itself. But as far as it being a reflection of where I’m from, I’d say it’s a partial reflection. Being a lil Filipino girl raised in a generation that was subjected to Los Angeles’ suburban pop culture, while looking to my cosmic heritage for purpose as I grew into my true nature (gasp) is definitely in that equation… 


what are your musical influences?

I can never judge what my influences are. But I’m constantly inspired by the stars, trees, the Philippines, and a general…

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