Star Seed Amy Xander : She Flew

Shot By Amy Xander

Of course she flew, everyone in cali flies.
everyone i ride wit at least
its not required
just a life acquired
from the urge to open our minds
inspired by the palm trees

the way they sway to the song of the pacific

we wanted a life less specific
less necessity
a recipe for easy livin

with our greens as the main ingredient
we cleanse ourselves of greed and obedience
only obey love and obey our minds
a lesson we learned from our time in the sky

she’s not in cali anymore
the shores waved goodbye
as she flew to the north

there are plenty who migrate the same route
plenty of souls she may seek out
i hope they hear what my heart heard
her words fly too, but like butterflies, not birds…

-MisGenie (AmyX)

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