The Lowdown_ Superartganism

Superartganism  – A Collection of artists who altogether express thoughts/ ideas discussed by the collective.

Our goal here is to do things collectively that cannot be done as isolated individuals, as artists who live independently from the media culture that is forced in our faces, support and a positive outlook make all the difference. All it takes is a small effort to connect to your fellow indigo, here is a way we can do that;

Shared information pool

  • Share and recieve information in a constant field of collective energy
  • receieve constant new ideas and inspiration
  • support through feedback
  • asking questions!

Enhance Empathy and Well-Being

No artist left behind facing problems of corporate society.
Group reacts as a whole in order to —–> provide awesome solutions
Thoughts /ideas are supported and evaluated individually otherwise the thought or idea wouldn’t be delivered with enough energy to carry out.

Augment Life-Force (Prana)
Every  piece of work we create would be an offering of our life force to mother earth in exchange  for her nurturing energy to enable an  honest  thriving exsistence for every  human


A shared information pool contributes to a new kind of science, integrating art and spirituality.
Art——> Insight into science     Spirituality—–>Integrate Science

The most imporant things  you  need to connect with this superartganism is no fear and love.  Don’t be afraid of losing your ego while sheding layers towards your spiritual center.

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