Star Seed: Cristal A.__Simply, Starving To Be Safe

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Well hello, my name is Cristal Arevalo and I am more then thrilled to be part of the collectivus group! There is a few questions the lovely Ms. Kine would like me to answer. So consider this our speed dating round to see how you (the readers) like my style. The first is explaining myself as an artist. Well, I am more of writer than anything else, I write to keep sane and most of the time the words go unshared. I am secretive stylist but  my daily couture style is due to the music I listen to. I photograph with film as often as I can, for I feel it captures life better. It also allows me to spend time in a dark room which is ironic for I suffer from Nyctophobia. Moving on! I think in today’s world people have forgotten to dream, create, and inspire in general. I am currently majoring in Child Development to hopefully try to inspire and encourage children at young age to create,dream, and imagine as often and as long as they can. I am trying to fight the cubicle syndrome that has taken over the world. But most importantly I try to encourage anyone who is willing to make a difference. Your voice is very important so don’t whisper your opinions YELL THEM OUT! The last of this is to show you all my current endeavors….well I am horrible at sharing my work. I lack confidence. But here a few of my pictures and my work read on my personal tabs on tumblr. I really hope to hear/talk to you wondering souls !!

Love Always,
Cristal A.

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