Star Seed_ Kine Fall: A Spirit Totem Tokin’ Poem

Thinking to much about what to create.
The room smelling like dank trim waste.
In go the buds, out the leaf
Bring in love and more relief.
Walk the dog,
Hit the bong.
All day long singing an internal song.
All day long and the ants pile on
Working for the hill, working for their mom

Swan keeps me balanced,
gliding over bumpy roads, never spilling from the chalice.

Buffalo, roaming free
tells me i’ll seek the maturity to succeed.
And Dolphins, we ride,  to other islands where the deities lie.

Finding common language; flash a smile,
The creator spirits come to join me for a while
back to the Commonwealth, a Commonplace, for CommonHealth.

Oh Eagle, where were you?
Fly with me and I’ll dance to truth,
Justice spread my wings
with loyalty your inner glory guides me!

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