Skin Deep_ Video Review (Staying with Vegas)

Most often times the biggest saying you hear as a child is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I came across this beautiful documentary short on tumblr called Staying With Vegas ,directed by Karl Brandstater, which is about Dane ,a musician in an Australian punk rock band named Liberation Front, and his story as a single dad. Dane like many people in modern society is covered in tattoos, which to me is insanely inspiring to have around children. But we still live in a world where modifications is still very much frowned upon. Yet tattoo art is one of the hardest and permanent art forms around (to me at least).  In the documentary it is clear as day that this man has an undying love for his daughter, and is a fantastic father. In a certain part Dane states ” I walk down the street and people probably look at me funny. But I don’t even notice that, I don’t even keep my eye out for that. See I don’t really pay attention to that, I am just really living my life, really. I am totally happy with how I am.” To me that is the best thing to spread into the world taking control of ones life and do what makes them happy, who cares for onlookers. He should never be seen as less of father or human because he is covered in tattoos. He is teaching his daughter the most important lesson in life and that is to be happy with herself. All in all I just really felt I need to share this video. Let me know what you all think!

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