Star Seed_Kristen Duncan

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Before even stating my name, I’d like to say I’m excited to be a part of something so inspiring. I’m Kris 🙂 & am studying Multimedia Design. I find it ridiculous how most people ask me questions like, “What are you going to do with that? Art students don’t make much coming out of college”. I almost never associate things I love with money. It isn’t worth it.

Every time words like these fill my thoughts, I think, “I’m chasin’ dreams sorta like jeans, boy I ain’t slackin’!” –big ups to J. Cole for that one. I believe if the people of the world followed their dreams, life would run a lot smoother. I love just about any form of art! Black and white photography blows my mind & I am in love with poetry. I do write as well, but often spend more time reading the words of my peers & my favorite poet, Saul Williams. I haven’t made much of anything yet (as far as designs go) but I have done quite a few projects from school that I’d like to share with you all. Unfortunately, I see the future of culture and media evolving as it is now; tasteless and unrealistic. But it’s up to people like us to change that, right? I’d like to see a world full of smiling people; people that seek good vibes from the sunshine and could care less about material wants. We all already have what we need… the ability to breathe and a face to smile. Share the love.

Kris ♥

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