Star Seed:Michael Timog_ Musical Expression

Musician Michael Timog shares with us his inpiration and direction that he would like to take his next EP. Stay tuned for more! Follow his page!

Michael Timog Facebook 

“My main inspiration is based off a relationship. I used to keep a diary of how I felt at the time and I chose to write about the entries that I remember vividly. In a way, I wanted to let her know that all this time since I’ve grown tenfold as a person because of the things we experienced. The song style depends on whatever music I’m listening to, whether it’s blues or hip hop or folk, I’ll take what I like from each style and try to make my own sound. I really try to sound well versed in many styles so that I can’t be organized in a specific genre.

Songwriting for me is very in the moment. Sometimes the lyrics come first, other times it’s the melody; really depends on what comes first to mind. I usually think of the hook first and see if it resonates in my head enough that I can work with.

My next Ep I wanted to focus more on the melody and so I wrote the basslines first and use the guitar to accentuate rather than be the dominant sound. It’s been a different process but I’m soaking it all up.”

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