The Lowdown_ Andy Warhol’s Philosophy On Fame

In honor of Andy Warhol’s Birthday Today, Here is An Excerpt from his book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol From A to B (and Back Again) “On Fame”

New categories of people are now being put up there as stars. The sports people are making themselvesinto great new stars. (Something I think about when I’m watching things like Olympic meets is “When willa person not break a record?” If somebody runs at 2.2, does that mean that people will next be able to doit at 2.1 and 2.0 and 1.9 and so on until they can do it in 0.0? So at what point will they not break arecord? Will they have to change the time or change the record?)

Nowadays if you’re a crook you’re still considered up-there. You can write books, go on TV, give interviews you’re a big celebrity and nobody even looks down on you because you’re a crook. You’restill really up-there. This is because more than anything people just want stars.

Good b.o. means good “box office.” You can smell it from a mile away.

The more you spell it out, thebigger the smell, and the bigger the smell, the more b.o. you get.Working for a lot of money can throw your self-image off.

When I used to do shoe drawings for themagazines I would get a certain amount for each shoe, so then I would count up my shoes to figure outhow much I was going to get. I lived by the number of shoe drawings when I counted them I knew how much money I had.

Models can sometimes be very rude. Because they get paid by the hour and put in their eight-hour day,when they go home they think they should still be getting paid.

Movie stars get millions of dollars for nothing, so when someone asks them to do something for nothing, they go crazy they think that if they’re going to talk to somebody at the grocery store they should get fifty dollars an hour.

So you should always have a product that’s not just “you.” An actress should count up her plays and movies and a model should count up her photographs and a writer should count up his words and an artist should count up his pictures so you always know exactly what you’re worth, and you don’t get stuck thinking your product is you and your fame, and your aura.

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