The Lowdown_ Daily Solar Energy

Thanks to the page Shaman Angels, Energy Healers & Truth Warriors  – The Lightworkers Journey, here is a forecast for the energy we are expected to recieve today, the past month it has been very dense and harsh for us due to the many solar flares and earthquakes we have encountered in the solar system but this finally has died down a little and that has compelled us at Collectivus to share with our star seeds the lowdown on it.

August 22 – Today’s Energy is shifting and changing. We are not used to such calm energy, and are holding our collective breaths waiting for the next shoe to drop. We know this energy just cannot last and want to hold onto it for as long as possible. The Earth is gently moving and stretching, causing us to feel dizzy and unstable. Our emotions have been stretched to the limit recently, and this calmer energy is sending many into depression. We have been so used to the high adrenaline, so used to fighting the energy, that we don’t know how to handle these calmer energies. It is similar to the let down after Christmas is over. We have yearned for calmer energies, but now that they are here, we have no idea how to accept them. It is important to breathe deeply and allow our bodies to relax and enjoy some peace, because we know this will not last. Many are feeling their world changing suddenly, with new opportunities manifesting quickly. Change is coming quickly and we have to be able to go with the flow. The Sun is eerily quiet, the gods have heard our plea for respite and have granted our wish. There is still a Solar Wind expected to arrive next week.

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