Star Seed_ Chris Lopes: Grey Love

One of our first contributors Chris Lopes has just completed an amazing poetry series called Grey Love. It features a fictional character he invented called Kim, she embodies all the struggles and strengths of women. A great collection of stories that create one well rounded character that seems too real to be revealed through poetry.

Here is  a peek of Grey Love:

The world’s parallels have evoked a fascination. I’ve become infatuated with these forms of explanation, similar to a drug that may have dragged down a relative. All drags are relative to the pull of heart strings. Harsh stings and sober thoughts continue to keep me anxious. I’ve loved, lost and lusted lows, but I can’t seem to hate this life; I chose to be different. Please, pay attention. This is the world that I live in.
– Kim

Grey Love

A closet full of colours,

all I wear is black and white.

Classic style, my picture type;

grey is universal.

A soul filled with emotions,

but everything is black and white.

Joy and pain are much alike;

love is universal.

A life filled with choices,

most decisions made in black and white.

Most don’t get it

so I write;

art is universal.

A hurricane in London,

I just pray these words don’t hurt you

as these clouds continue to circle;

Grey Love.



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