Star Seed: River_ Hedonism and the Functions of Bliss

This is a poem from the series, Blasphemy by River 

Hedonism and the Functions of Bliss.

Everyone seems to have life down to a science.

I’m sitting in my room,


What really is the meaning,

And where can I find it

How many of you were upset

To find

The world was not the center

Of the universe?

I sat and pondered existence for hours.

Galaxies and other worlds;

It could get deep.

Peep holes could be black holes,

So I don’t explore the houses anymore.

I keep to myself,

I have enough to worry about.

Of you,

Did it alter your being,

Looking differently at all the things you were seeing?

Did you believe,

For a momentary split second,

in absolutely nothing?

I did.

I still do.

It was too much,

Overwhelming and a challenge to my heart.

I was far to egotistical;

Too much of a good thing…

Yet I still wonder where we lie,

In the scheme of it all.

Among the outcast,

The inner circle,

Or are we outsiders merely righteous enough

To admit we are unimportant?

Who determined our misfortune,

He, or she…

Burned at the stake;

I wonder how much they could take.

Shattering thousands of years of inquisition,

Only to finally open the closet door,

And see,

There really is a monster.


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