The Lowdown_ August 27 Solar Enegy Forecast

From the facebook page,  Shaman Angels, Energy Healers & Truth Warriors  – The Lightworkers Journey here is today’s energy forecast. A very useful piece of information for grounding yourself today and what to expect for this week keep the love in your hearts as you ground yourselves to the core today, it might be tougher than usual with all of the plate activity thart has been going on lately its up to us indigo to continue to spread the energy that we want to recieve in return.

August 27 – Today’s Energy is heavy and anxious. We know something big is coming, something is on the horizon, and we are filled with excitement and anxiety. I hope you enjoyed the calm of the last week, as it is now ended. Time to take a deep breath, pull on our boots and stay aware. Are you ready? Are you really ready to move into the role you came here to play. This is your chance, this is your opportunity. The time has come that we have all been waiting for. The time has come to move into our power and change our world. We have the choice whether we will change it into Love and Peace, or into something of lower vibrations. It is more important now than ever to be Love, to accept each other and to create a positive outcome. So much has happened in the last couple of days and our peace has been shattered. There was a swarm of Earthquakes in Southern California yesterday, with almost 200 Quakes up to a 5.5 magnitude, with quakes continuing in the area. There was a 7.3 in El Salvador last night. The Earth is moving and may be getting ready for a ‘big one’. It is very important to send peaceful energy to the core of the Earth. After being flat-lined for a week, the Sun is waking up with below C Class Flares. We are currently in the midst of a Solar Wind. HAARP is showing slight activity over the US at this time. Tropical Storm Isaac has entered the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to become a major Hurricane and is headed toward New Orleans. This had delayed the Republican Convention, which is expected to be very volatile. There are Typhoons headed for Japan. The world is in upheaval on all fronts. This has put a lot of fear into the Collective Consciousness, which we are all feeling. 

There are reports of headache, neck pain, throat issues, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, joint pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, sneezing, allergies, nausea, bloating, muscle pain, muscle cramps, elimination issues, bladder issues, loud ear noises, dizziness, feeling unbalanced, fuzzy headedness, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, moodiness, angry outbursts, fatigue, insomnia, strange dreams, vivid dreams and of course, exhaustion. Animals are quiet and needy. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Emergen C or Coconut water is good for balancing the Electrolytes. Taking 1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt will help with integrating the intense energies and support our Adrenal Glands.It is very important to support our adrenals right now by eating protein throughout the day and taking extra Vitamin C and B Vitamins.Ginger will help with the nausea. Baths or showers will help to cool off the excess heat. Eat lots of raw foods for energy, though you may be craving high carb, comfort foods. Use the Energetic Clearing Technique  to heal any physical or emotional issues. Get as much rest as possible this weekend and go out and have some fun.

To assist in calming Isaac, imagine the waters of the Gulf of Mexico cooling, the warmer the water is, the larger it will become. Imagine putting ice into the eye of the storm to cool it off and lessen the growth. Imagine the winds becoming calmer. Imagine the storm dying out. Imagine the Earth being safe and calm. Let’s create a different reality than is currently being created. 

Claudia McNeely – Divine Empowerment


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