Star Seed Interview_ Carlalie Photography

Finally after much waiting and begging I recieved response from a young and talented  photographer living in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. She captures the life of an African very beautifully and it resonates with all people because of the spirit in the people she photographs. Thank you Carlalie for this great interview!

What inspires you to take photos?
For my photos I am inspired by all that I have as an image in my head. all my experiences and my personality. I improvise sometimes report what I find on my sites shots that go in the direction of my thoughts.

How long have you been a photographer?
I started photography, there are about 2 years now.

Is art popular in your Hometown?
Photography was still for a number of privaledged people but in Abidjan there was an art “explosion”.  Many people try, others reveal their true hidden talents, even the elders say so.

Are there many classes available?
Right now, not at all

Do you think you need a class to teach you how to express your art?
In all things we must learn the technique. The technique allows the profitable potential to use it wisely. Personally I learned most of what I make in going through this area that really interests me. But I think we can learn  from a class more advantages to master the basic techniques of photography. Each artist has an style of  their own, which defines their vision. Altogether a class can learn the techniques to create those ideas but can not alone define your art.  Artists may choose to break the rules or follow them but we must first know what the rules are.

Do you think art can change things?
Enormously, art is vast and diverse disciplines that are music, painting or photography as it is spoken. Each area has its art can define how the thought of some vision or other change, awareness.

How old are you?
20 years in November. I am excited: D

Name some artists you admire
Joana Choumali, Franck Hervé Agoua, Corine Azoumé Mike Danon, Sidiki Bakaba, Beyoncé

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Carlalie Photography


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