Star Seed_ Charlie Isoe

“These paintings are drawn from my experiences and observations of life. They aren’t necessarily meant to be beautiful, but I think they are honest.”

Christopher Charlie Isoe, excerpt from Juxtapoz issue #101.

Looking through some archives of Juxtapos I came across this Australian street artist who is now an indoor gallery artist named, Charlie Christopher Isoe.Found a few  interviews from various sources, here are some I would have asked myself; a mashup of interviews.

Would You Say Your An Extreme Person?
I dont know about extreme. I’d say hungry. Hungry for life and experience. Maybe that’s romanticism, maybe its realism. But I wouldn’t say extreme.

Charlie Isoe

Well What is the one thing you do everyday?
I have some coffee and a cigarette.

Charlie Isoe

How did your work pre-degree and post-degree differ, seeing as you dropped out of high school and then went on to earn a degree in fine art?
I don’t really think having a degree has anything to do with painting. I think it’s constantly changing.

What advice would you give to other artists, especially those who are very gifted but considering abandoning formal education at a young age, as you did?
I think that is something they have to decide for themselves.

What’s the longest time you’ve spent on a single piece? Have you ever begun something and had to walk away from it and come back again later? Have you ever abandoned something all together, never to return?
Some things are never finished. I often stop working and leave a piece. Sometimes I go back to it, sometimes I don’t. It can be difficult to know when things are finished. Other times, it’s like, bang, that’s done.





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