Star Seed: River_ Annabelle&Ercos

I only wished to escape.

I know what it means to be ugly,

Yet I care not for the obligatory

Physique of a goddess;


I am a goddess.

And you are one too,

But this life,

It is far too vain

and stirs a barrage of fear.

For me not to destroy it,

I must physically disappear.

How much would it cost to take a death?

if we take away fear…

will our people heal themselves?

Will the angels defeat themselves,

And will we allow her to rejoin us?

Will she want to rejoin us?

It must be peace…

it must remain beautiful.

And we must remain here,

away from the garden,

and grow the earth too as fruitful.

Baby, may we celebrate life?

Live tonight,

If only we could live tonight!

Vanish, you disgusting Exasperations,

Recreate the environment;

The night sky now is so vibrant.

We give to them,

They give to us as homage

Humankind’s definition of enlightenment.

Their egos are so delicate…

We gave them flowers,

They place beautiful things next to death.

The do not understand,

Beauty is their wealth.

If we look in the mirror what do we see?

Are we warriors, you and I…

In their eyes… we are everything.

We should be,

We could be…

But we need not complicate the path.

It must forever last,

It will never past.

We must send to their gods grace,

And appear brilliant,

But never blasphemous.

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