The LowDown_ Clearing With The Blue Moon

Today is the second full moon that we have had this month. An event that is not likely to occur until the year 2016!

This Full Blue Moon in Pisces is special because of its ability to melt boundaries between people. It’s all about compassion and feeling empathy for others, and it’s a time when we are connected with many unseen spiritual forces.

Now is a time to forgive people, let go of worry and grudges, step back from the pressures of your daily routine and tap into something larger than you. Imagination will be heightened now, so use it to find your own sense of peace.

It’s important to note this Full Moon in Pisces is also forming an opposition aspect to the Virgo Sun, which could add a critical element to the Full Moon’s energy.

Virgo is very precise and detail oriented, where Pisces is more dreamy and abstract. Therefore, this opposition could pit compassion against criticism, free-flowing thoughts against particular details, and going with the flow vs. over-analyzing everything.

That could create some friction, but if you can remember to just go with the flow around this Full Moon, there will be no limits when it comes to putting your feelings and faith into action.

Friday * 31st August 2012 * 03:58:06 pm
Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Moon sign: Pisces 10° 15′

SYDNEY = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 11:58:06 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 10:58:06 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 09:58:06 pm (CST)
DELHI = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 07:28:06 pm (IST)
MOSCOW = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 05:58:06 pm (MSK)
BERLIN = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 03:58:06 pm (CEST)
LONDON = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 02:58:06 pm (BST)
RIO = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 10:58:06 am (BRT)
NEW YORK = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 09:58:06 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 08:58:06 am (CDT)
LOS ANGELES = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 06:58:06 am (PDT)
HONOLULU = Friday * 31st August 2012 * 03:58:06 am (HAST)

The facebook page Shaman Angels, Energy Healers and LightWorkers has a very well descriibed list of ways to use the full moon to your fullest advantage from meditations to channeling Elohim. Take this time in our shifting age to clarify your paths


1. Moon Water

Place a container filled with water under the full moon overnight [I use a party jug with a spout]. Drinking this will clear your chakras. Bless the container with love when you place it outside, before and after drinking the water. I often think the words “love, peace, joy.”

2. Release Ceremony

During a full moon is the time to release negativity. Deborah King suggests having a Release Ceremony. Write down negative thoughts or patterns to burn. For example: regret, blame, lack, self sabotage, etc.
Burn it outside under the moonlight, if you cannot burn it then soak it in water. Release it with love and forget about it.

3. Meditation VID with Doreen Virtue [YouTube link attached below]

Release negative patterns, toxic relationships, and anything unwanted with the help of God, God’s full moon, and the Archangel Michael; the angel who releases us from fear and fear-based manifestations; Archangel Haniel, the gentle angel who has long been associated with moonlight; Archangel Raziel, who balances karma with relationships in all directions of time; and Archangel Ariel, who teaches us how to manifest our earthly needs, to enjoy our lives, and connect with nature

4. Lunar Bath

Lunar energy is more important to our spiritual development than solar energy. Spend at least 5 minutes soaking it up, especially under the full moon !!! If you can, why not sleep under it and marinate with the energies the entire evening?

5. Clearing Bath

Not only is this a weekly routine, I started doing this last month for the eclipse. I clear my field of lower energies to welcome the heightened energies. It is a time of releasing that which no longer serves you, why not clear your field also?

6. Full Moon Transmission

Recreation, Re-synthesis, Re-genesis
These transmissions are from the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God. They are designed to prepare us to hold fifth dimensional vibration and are part of physical and consciousness upgrade for the Earth that is happening at this time. You need only listen to each transmission once, but if you choose to listen more this will serve to strengthen and consolidate the energy.

The transmissions are energy codes, new words of creation and encompass sound, light and vibration. ~~ Judy Satori

The transmissions are very powerful, highly vibrational and incredibly effective in assisting and soothing your ascension symptoms. I suggest listening in the early part of your day, due to the high vibration it may difficult to fall asleep if this is listened to before bedtime.

If you have not familiar to light energy, it is unlike anything you have ever heard before. Be in allow. “Be like a sponge and let the energies go over and through you.”

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