The Lowdown_ Collectivus Blog Update!

Sorry for the long delay in posts, fellow indigo!

We have been re-strategizing and figuring out which direction to shift into for a better result.

The true goal of Collectivus is to connect and talk about various subjects that effect us. We want to make a community here that empowers each other to be the best they can be individually but even more importantly, to be a stronger part of the whole.

If we build our inner spirit and communicate from our heart center then we can be on the light end of the shift we are experiencing and together help guide our comrades who are struggling to wake up from the illusion of the material life they seek.

The posts here will be geared towards solutions and practices that can bring us to our goal of communicating from the heart. When we reach this point we can gather to create works of art with a loving energy, free from ego and it will resonate beyond our community here on the internet… into that of the universe to bring a clear intention of change into manifestation

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