ThreeFold Flame By Kine Fall

Threefold Flame
Escape the culture game

In and out of Dimensions
Losing History of ego invention
I am igniting creation within the Void

Obsidian Warrior, Keeping light with this key
Unlocking passion and love from inside of me
Two sides of Gemini, the Tao of Duality

The spirit is a foundation; Stability

Conquer the shadows,
Release your Parasites
Breathe in the vivid colors
of Life.


This was created while listening to Flying Lotus’ New Album:

Until The Quiet Comes

The music you listen to while creating a piece of art brings out a certain kind of expression depending on the sound. That is why I feel its interesting to share, what music  do you guys listen to while you do art if any? Would you agree?

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