Fu- Ding Cheng _ Artist & Shamanic Spiritual Leader

I have had the honor of meeting and learning from a wise and loving artist named Fu-Ding Cheng. I leanred about this man while searching through projects on KickStarter. I came across one that was called MAYA 2012 portal to a new humanity, it was a game that he had designed with other artists. The game included the history of the MAYA in an interactive adventure game where you learn the skills to become a shaman and reveal your final destiny. The project included a great paragraph about the works of Fu-Ding and thats where my research unfolded into what would become experience.

Fu-Ding is a master shaman, and one of the best Toltec teachers I know.”

                            —-Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements)

Fu- Ding  has been an apprentice to the master Toltec Shaman Don Miguel Ruiz. He is also a filmmaker, with a film series called Zen Tales for the Urban Explorer and has a workshop curriculum titled, Shamanic tools for the filmmaker. He has designed books and album covers and continues to work and give so much of his good energy to help heal and teach the shamanic ways to reach clarity.

Wage Peace

Venice Boardwalk


Celestial Body

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