Cain’s Story By A Rose

Another book of poetry by a rose, this one in three parts..

Dark Nights,

Here is a sneak peek, please download this book and read the rest free at the bottom of this post!

This book is dedicated to my brother

Abel, love…

– Vagues Liephe


Spread Love

I can tell you everything you want to hear

and I won’t even say a word.

I’ll just smile the way you like to see

and touch you how you like to be-

There’s so much innocence in all of your deception.

I love your ignorance in knowing my perfection

because it allows me

to portray these portraits with affection.

There’s so much arrogance in my aggression,

but you love me.

Tell me why you want me

without knowing if I want you.

Don’t be afraid to open up…

Download Cain’s Story Here

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