Rainbow Gathering Winter Solstice Dec 21,2012

I bring this gathering to light fellow comrades to invite you all to join us in welcoming in the shift with love, and unity. Here is the perfect opportunity to be apart of the light see in the world.

A Celebration of All Cultures

We’d like to let everybody know that preparations have begun towards a Celebration
of the End of the Mayan Calendar and Beginning of the New Era of Peace and Harmony.

This event proper will take place in Palenque (around and in the Sacred Mayan
Ruins), Chiapas, Mexico and though full dates have not yet been set it will happen
around the Winter Solstice (December 21st) of 2012.

It will tentatively be for the entire month of December, with The Silence Circle
for World Peace and the Healing of the Mother Earth happening prior, during and
after the exact timing of the changing of the Eras.




We encourage peoples of all cultures to attend and bring with them the best that
each culture has to share on all levels, each with their own camp set up
reflecting these things. Each Cultural Camp would be encouraged to bring to the
Main Circle presentations of the highest ideals of their cultures, with
traditional clothing, arts, foods & beverages (we respectfully request that no
alcohol or hard drugs be included in any part of this event).

We are requesting that Focalizers (those who focus things)/Focalizing Groups
organize in their regions around the world for group travel to the Mexico for the
primary event, and also that each focalize sister events in their cultures’ home
regions for the same periods of time (Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere:
Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere).

Until an event proper Website can be set up and maintained we will be using:

page for open Councils focused upon this Celebration.

We also more than welcome announcements of compatible events between now and then
and request that each of those have Councils involved towards organizing
participants, events, projects, group traveling, etc. aimed at both bringing
people to Palenque and organizing the sister events in all lands.

Workshops and presentations of all positive alternatives are more than welcomed
so that we can present the best of what we know and can create for the dawning
of the New Era, setting the Path(s) towards a sustainable future for humanity,
and all life.

Bring presentations of your groups existing efforts toward World Peace and
Harmony with the Natural World. Although Rainbow Focalizers will be part of the
core group of Focalizers, all positive alternatives groups will be included and
Focalizers from each will be requested to do all that they can towards this great
Celebration of Life.

We ask that all political and religious differences be respected, yet that none
attempt to impose their believes upon the whole, for each has the right to their
own beliefs, and together we are one union of all colors and all peoples.

Please forward, post, publish and share by all means this announcement to all
sources you think would be interested in being a part of this.


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