Masha Sardari : A Storybook Vision

“artists, regardless of type (musician, photographer, writer, etc) are like vacuums. they suck up everything and blend it up together, only they hope it ends up better than vacuum waste.”
-Avery Campbell

Came across the Flickr page of an amazingly talented young woman named,  Masha Sardari (18)..  & although I don’t quite remember how I found them, her images have a style and originality that cannot be forgotten. What I love most about her photographs is their storybook feel, like an image that you create in your head while reading a book of enchanted and magical people in extraordinary situations and places.
Check it out!

into the magic box he placed the white sun

into the magic box he placed the white sun

poisoned limbless fish

poisoned limbless fish




autumnal loss

drifting on daydreams

drifting on daydreams



laying nature's limbs

laying nature’s limbs

her throat gone raw with air

her throat gone raw with air

What is the first memory you have of taking a photograph?

It was a few years ago and I went to a small wooded are to shoot during sunset, it was slightly chilly and I was still using my point and shoot camera, I mostly remember how beautiful the light was.
 How do you find the locations you shoot in?
I try to notice everything. I never specifically go scouting for locations and most of the time I find them accidentally by gazing out of the window of the car whenever I go somewhere.
What do you give back/ (or want) to your community through art?

I have recently started a photography club at my school and my main goal is to share my love of art as well as teach others something new.

Are you planning on or are you attending college?

Yes, I’m planning to attend college somewhere in the Northeast or California. I’m not sure if I will be studying photography but I do know it will be something art related.

What inspires your ideas for a new photograph?
 I’m not sure exactly. It’s an odd thing for me, I suppose it must be everything.
Do you use film or digital? Which do you prefer and why?
 I use both but for my fine art work I use only digital. It depends on what I’m using the photos for. I like the surprise of film and the unlimited possibilities of digital.
If you could collaborate with any other medium you could imagine to create a project which would you choose? (Poetry, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Film etc)

I have always wanted to make a film. I’m not sure what it would be about but I really enjoy short films and I’d love to attempt creating one. Set my images in motion.

What is your hometown like? Describe an image as if you were capturing it through your lens.

It’s silent and warm but it’s also wild and cold. It’s got beautiful forests and flat beaches, the murmuring ocean on one side and screaming birds on the other. It’s everything together making me feel at home.

Check out more of her amazing photos here: Flickr

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