Maya Banned From Their Own Sacred Sites

A few weeks ago I made a post about the Rainbow Gathering in Palenque Mexico. Since then i’ve spoken to a friend of mine who lives in Oaxaca who tried to talk me out of joining them, and the reasons that he had been telling me are now coming to light in the Media. There is a lot of hype going around about the 21st-23rd and the big planetary alignments that are going to occur. Many people are following the mayan route out to sites such as Chichen itza and the ruins of Palenque and there are caravans from all over the world on their way to these places. The Mexican government, as my friend has been telling me is taking precautions and also preparing to benefit from this influx of tourists by raising their prices for travel and lodging… But whats really disheartening to me is this article that is now being passed around within the Rainbow community that the Mayan natives wont be allowed to perform their rituals on these sites anymore… because of the threat to the preservation of the ruins. What really gets me here is the reason they were built in the first place was to be used at this time! But of course the government is still using the site as a historic landmark and not seeing it as a place of worship. People will still be allowed in, but they will have to pay for a now overpriced ticket to go inside and view it like a museum… But what most important is that this shift is occurring within us, therefore it doesn’t matter where we are we will all benefit from it if we are open to receive.

Here is the original article:

Another thing I wanted to point out is that, the Mayans were not the first civilization to know about this shifting time, the Egyptians and many other ancient civilizations prepared for this too, there are other sacred sites in the world where this energy can be felt, but because all the emphasis in our modern day has been placed on the Mayans, that is where everyone is frolicking to. Just some food for thought for those who are thinking about making that journey.

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