Finit: An Improv Drum&Bass Project




Finit is the connection between the infinite and the definite. Definitely live and improvised every time we have infinite possibilities. Fresh Drum & Bass jams grown everyday in Northern California.

Our goal as human beings is to bring the possibility of expansion into the lives of others. We want to share our art with as many different cultures as we can and inspire more incredible art to be made.

Improvising our live performances gives us the opportunity to have a real connection with the audience; the energy brought by our audience is just as vital to the performance as we are. We are always looking for musicians to jam with maybe even play shows with when we’re in your neighborhood.


You will be able to find us playing at LunarBurn 2013 and at as many of the west coast festivals that we can get our gear to.

All their songs can be downloaded for FREE on soundcloud! 
Check it out and be sure to connect if you are looking for some fresh new music at your festival/event or if you just wanna jam!



Band email:

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