Re-Member ; A poem by Kine Fall

Don’t you remember?
The place whence we came,
Where our very existence was played,
Like a game

One day a star
and a constellation the next
For years we were lovers
until we checked into this physical hex


And down we fell
into a dark watery well
looking out from a belly button window
until the day we forget.

Time to remember,
like that day that we met.

“Have I seen you somewhere before?”
No you must be mistaken.

But the stars that shoot across the sky,
every time you pass by
tell me otherwise

“Are you sure I don’t know you from somewhere?”


Just the feeling of those curls in your hair,
take me to a time and place
beyond color or race….

Weren’t you there?
lets take our dreams and compare,
So distant-
this karma makes it hard to listen


the sins we came back to correct,

Something about the smell of your neck…

In this realm is hard to tell
but long ago you knew so well

Hold me close
look into my left eye
You say we are too alike,
and I tell you I know why

We have met before
and here we are once again
You’re my flame, the missing piece to this sol
the sun within this vessel longing to be whole

the triangle we form in the stars…

The pyramids we built amongst the Atlantian czars
waves came crashing
the mistake- is everlasting

Time and time again
we find each other
only to be lost again,
In all the karma our lifetimes have been spent
this time, is the last and we wont forget again…

But first you must remember!!
Remember, Re-member,

-Kine Fall

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