Quantum Energy Pyramid ,Ca : UPDATE


Ready to leave With the Pyramid! They are on their way!

There are just three days left for the campaign to raise more money, but at this moment the Pyramid is on its way from New Mexico to Santa Cruz where a couple of us from collectivus will be helping to raise it on the 20th! Friday is just around the corner, and with this pyramid we will be able to trap the energy of the alignment for use within the next coming months! This is a very big and exciting time to be alive! We are so grateful for this opportunity we have to actively make changes in our communities that will effect this whole side of the world! For those of you who cannot join us please check out these couple of links, and donate what you can! The beautiful thing about the power of consciousness is that, we can still make things happen even if we have not all the means at this moment, we manifest all that we need by being open to receive!

Thank you all for  reading this message and helping out by either sharing it with someone you know! If you cannot make a small donation then maybe someone else you share this with will! It doesn’t stop here!

Love & Light

About the Pyramid


Project Purpose:
Restore the Mayan pyramid technology to generate an energetic
cushion to balance and redistribute the accelerated beams of energy
that the Earth will be receiving from the center of the galaxy, via
the sun, on December 21-23, 2012.
Sites currently raising money! Please Share with your friends!



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