“Pieces” A New Book Starring Vagues Liephe

“This is my birthday and Christmas gift to myself. I’m not proud. I’m not satisfied. I’m just living, and it’s getting harder but these words help. They help me. Maybe they can help you too? “
-A Rose
The book is in 6 parts:
  • Nostalgia
  • Garden In Paradise
  • Pieces
  • Words About Society
  • Dreams
  • Drugs for the Youth
Here is a great piece from “Words About Society”,

The Abed

I don’t even know how to explain the way I’m living. To

understand, you must let your mind free. Treat life as a movie and

play out as many of your favorite characters as possible, just to

experience the differences in life.

People think that I don’t understand normality, but they are

wrong. I get relationships; two beings coming together as one, but

they’ll eventually split as most atoms have done. Basic chemistry

101… why strive for that? I’d rather die intact, completing the

circle of life.

One look into these eyes could surprise a magician. I just want to

enjoy living, without the addition of victims.

Purchase Your Copy Here, Support your indigo peers! : https://www.createspace.com/4019910

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