Quantum Leaper By Kine Fall

I wrote this last night after watching the movie “Quantum Activist” , I looked up some writing prompts to get me going and found a few websites I’d also like to share with you guys. Its a good way to keep the creative juices flowing if you have been bombarded with internet and television. 


From nowhere to elsewhere V by tom ripley


       In the blink of an eye I can go from nowhere to elsewhere. Like a proton, quantum leaping towards the atom. Time, has no fabric other than this delicate consciousness. I was only in grade school when this idea came to me in a dream.

I was walking the streets of a European city, the asphalt illuminating wet and bright. Everything around me Black and White, like a postcard of a well known photographer. The moon, shining full against the window of a jazzy coffee shop. City people, dressed in black, sway to a live band as steam bellowed from espresso machines. The light signal to cross changes from white, to black. I stop. But I still hear steps moving, closer and closer. Footsteps walking straight into my ears, until they begin to run into the middle of the road. Standing there in between to sides of the street. Cars zoom past me, time becomes streaks of light running back and forth but I remain still. Suspended. Moments flashing.

Women laughing, dogs barking hellishly at the man who’s lost his senses, mothers shield the eyes of their infant, this is too much for them to understand.

And I vanish, in the blink of an eye. But to me it seems like years of time. I made it to the other side of the street, and I didn’t have to take one step into the illusion to get there. Just one stop through the void, and I am reborn.


My childhood, was extraordinary in the sense of grand illusions. Big money, little happiness kind of thing. I went to a boarding school, thankfully it was open to the opposite sex. I still remained confined nevertheless. To my books and you tube videos on cosmic consciousness, and Quantum theories. I never really needed to leave my dorm physically, because I had traveled through time and space… to other dimensions beyond comprehension. What more would I need when I could simply intend to create any reality I wanted? Any reality except that of others. No matter how hard I intended, I could not change my parents… no matter how much I tried I could not convince my older brother of the laws of the universe.

“We need to have a talk with you son.”

My father never called me by my name, later on I would come to appreciate that but in my youth I resented and loathed him for it. Especially when my older brother had the privilege of being called “Willie” short for William.

I remember sitting down in the pristine marble covered sitting room my parents reserved for “talks”.  Over the fireplace hung a portrait of our family, painted to look like a gaudy baroque. This was a talk that changed my life forever.

“Son, its time you knew.”

My mother couldn’t even finish her sentence, she got up and walked over to the window… looking down at the gardeners mowing our football field lawn. I remember thinking to myself, thank goodness William isn’t here. I knew he would get the biggest pleasure to witness such a tense moment.


Silence. A Pause too long to bear, it leaves room for assumptions and doubt to kick in. Somehow I already knew what they were about to tell me, only I did not want to remember. My dad opened his mouth to speak, he was standing also. I put my head down and escaped into the Quantum field.

Circling the room as the true nature of time presented itself to me, Circling the estate in the opposite direction, Circling the city back again the other way… Sounds crashing in, but their essence too thin to stick. Screams and yells distort like a badly compressed video.

I look up, but I’m no longer in the same physical place as before. Its all dark around me, pitch black. I’m suspended here, floating. No sound, no vibration, no pause. Just the endless void where all is born out of. I cannot panic like my “self” would do. All just IS. All there is, DOES. With a DO, BE, DO,BE,DO, I catapult myself to a new moon, back into my Dorm room watching the same you tube videos in the same way I did months before. I have not leaped through time, only to present. To a now that’s happening at the same time as this one. All I have to do is choose, and with the quantum jump there is really nothing to lose.

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