Quantum Energy Pyramid UPDATE; NGWS

A week ago, I set out to Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz to assist in the ceremonies surrounding the Quantum Pyramid. Thanks to Mai Needham and Angelica, I found the home of Rebecca which was graciously opened for all who felt a call to be there.

2012-12-23 01.04.22

Top Of The Quantum Pyramid, Had Glass Later Inserted to the sides

I arrived just in time to help building the pyramid! They were pouring in the water in the inner chamber which had a suspended copper wrapped quartz crystal in the center, surrounded by copper coils. It was amazing how John, had never done anything like this before, but he came up with such an easy and brilliant plan to put the glass in and set it!

2012-12-23 01.07.43

The inner chamber, filled with distilled water, water from all around the world and sand from the river in their backyard the same one that runs through to Santa Cruz. The point is deep in the ground.. and there is a copper atom on top… generating that purple glow 😛

             The intention of the pyramid was to record all the energy coming to our planet during this time. No surprise then, that it rained so much that week! We learned mayan movements to activate our bodies to generate energy and collect it as the pyramid does.

2012-12-23 01.10.14

The crystal came from Rebeccas Home 🙂 John made the coils..

2012-12-23 01.11.22

We had to set the glass carefully, before topping the pyramid!

2012-12-23 01.12.39

Later we added glass on parts of the bottom as well, it was designed so you could sit inside and meditate under the copper coils!

2012-12-24 21.00.14

 Every few ours was a special meditation service on a conference call by a woman named Resa and the New Group Of World Servers, something I had never heard of before then, but I always like to remain open to whatever comes fourth in my journey. I read a printed handout that they had put together of all their Mantras, and information about what was happening Astrologically with Capricorn in that week ending on the 28th. All of them resonated with me, although I did not memorize them… I could clearly visualize them along with the light that we all as a group were sending. There are people all over the world who are apart of this group and they say these mantras every few hours together in mediation! So much light is being generated for the good of humanity at this moment!
I’d like to share one with you all called ,
Group Fusion:

I am one with my group brothers and all that I have is theirs.

May the love that is in my soul pour forth to them.

May the strength that is in me lift and aid them.

May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.

This mantram voices the essential service which every accepted disciple gives to all his brother disciples. This he gives spontaneously with no thought of loss. It becomes as natural and as constant as breath itself.

When one can say in utter selflessness: “All that I have is theirs”, all barriers are gone and complete unity rules. Then comes the most complete sense of freedom we can know. When nothing that we have is ours, then there is nothing left to give but ourselves, and this last gift brings bliss and graduation from the hall of learning in the school of life.

It felt like I was with family, I learned a lot about the power of unity and will. Met amazing people with knowledge on Healing, Astrology, Shamanism, Dreaming, everything that I have interest in and studied upon. We ate together, and shared stories and interests and talents, activated and walked an orion labyrinth.. and most importantly, the activities were centered on what we wanted to bring fourth to help humanity in the next seven years. We journaled a lot, and did art! & It helped that we were surrounded by nature, tall redwood trees… the wet smell of growing greens, beautiful blooming gardens with vegetables and sculptures of goddesses and cherubim’s, Pan & Buddha… I want to reiterate that  the New Group Of World Servers are open to all people who are for the good of humanity. I left this place remembering the family that is so large, the family that is everyone on this earth.


Resa’s Website:http://www.nightlightnews.com/index.html


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