Pina Bausch The Language Of Tanztheatre


Last night I watched what I believe would be a scripted movie on dancing called “Pina”, but I was surprised by something much more intriguing and different. A documentary made about a Dancer , Choreographer, an Artist named Pina Bausch. I fell in love with her idea of dance because it is the very idea that lingers on in my head all the time. That urge to express what words cannot, only movement can convey. The dancers that she worked with in her company spoke of what it was like learning from her, how she read them all like an open book and pushed them deeper into their own psyche to unleash the true emotions, the true stories they had locked within. The use of all elements and stage designs added both obstacles and gave life to their individual stories. I am compelled to share this with you all because dance is a vital art and way of life that most of us do not realize. We are all constantly in a dance conveying much more than words through our body language. When we walk, or sit… or slouch, or hug… all these movements are their own language.

“I’m not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.” 
― Pina Bausch

Check it out:


Pina Bausch died shortly before the filming of this movie in 2009, and her son has now started a foundation working to create more projects as well as preserve all of the film reels and notes and costumes of her past projects and performances with the help of the dancers of her company. To create an archive for generations to come, to keep this style of raw language alive! I find it interesting that one question continues to come up for those archiving, whether a dance is timeless in its moment… because of the emotions of the dancers when it was created… can it ever be recreated in the same light after its been expressed?


From the 2011 Pina Bausch Foundation Progress Report:

Dance Literally embodies fundamental aspects of culture. It tells us who we are and who we have been. Dance comprises an entire world of spiritual and secular ideas, stories, emotions, and human experience, understood and expressed through movement. The rich history of dance serves as both a reflection and a record of the world’s increasingly diverse and dynamic cultures. It is imperative that we continue our efforts in documentation, that we secure a safe future for the preservation of that documentation, and that we make accessible the materials that record the artistic accomplishments of all dance – past, present, and future….

…Documenting and creating access to dance’s past and present heritage is an act of reverence and gratitude, providing a continuity of human expression for future artists and audiences. The function of preservation is not to inflexibly place a dance or dancer as a static artifact, but to illuminate the human experience that is reflected in movement and those artistic insights that give it an everlasting life.

Check out more about what they do here:



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