Beautiful Villain By A Rose

Another wonderful poetry book by A Rose Featuring a few well thought out poems.
They all mesh together and read like a classical fairytale of the modern adult looking for a shot at success and fame in American society.. without choosing love over darkness the success is not long lived. These poems paint that image beautifully. Download it for free here!

Beautiful Villain:

  • The concept of beauty
  • FreeFall
  • A bedtime story
  • The new goddess flow
  • The concept of a villain

These words are nothing more

than a sign of progression;

just another misfit

using art as a weapon.

Lips must spread

when embracing my essence.

Smile for me, baby.

I am everything you need.

The King of this world

and it’s all so real.

Though, this is fiction,

unless you pay attention.

Your mouth, it sheds tears.

Can you tell me how they taste?

I wouldn’t dare waste an inch,

even if you taint the scent of you.

By A Rose

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