BLU – Street Art Comes aLIVE

I was introduced to this street artist on a page of a well known author. He posted a link that was titled something like ‘moving graffiti art’, an amazing video of a brilliant stop motion/ street art animation. I can’t explain in words how amazing it is so i will just share it here:

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

BLU is an artist from Bologna and has been active since 1999. Since his first pieces that used spray paint he moved on to new medium of using house paint, which makes the images more defined like pages out of a sketchbook or comic book. He has done art in Central America, West Bank, and throughout Europe in countries like Spain, England, Italy and Eastern Europe.

His art really criticizes the capitalist climate in each of these areas, and illustrates the truths of our society and how it functions, this artist uses the urban landscape as his soap box and we love that.










Taken From His Awesome Site Its like an Interactive SketchBook!

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