Pan African Film Festival Featured Artist: Djibril N’Doye

The Featured Artist this year at the Film Festival “Art Fest” is a  man from Senegal in West Africa named D’jibril N’Doye.


Since the early 90s, he has traveled throughout West Africa, the US, Mexico and Europe showing his artwork. He is inspired by daily life  in Africa and the Ebony sculptures that are popular in West Africa. His older works were created with or standard mediums, paint, charcoal etc. But his newest and most popular works are made with ballpoint pen.


I had the pleasure of taking some photos of his set up and got to witness him teaching a group of students about what he does. He explained to them that he wanted to show how a tool we use everyday for writing can also create much more. He told them that with a pen you cannot erase, and that does a lot to shape and change the pieces that he makes.

He also showed them a demonstration of how he can use the pen to go from light to dark. He engaged the students by asking them to guess how his wood pieces were made, he surprised them by explaining they were wood burned with a special pen. I could see why he is known as a “cultural ambassador” and I admired how eloquent and easy it was for him to articulate his passion to students and people of all ages and backgrounds.


The most inspiring fact about his art to me is that he did not have any formal training in a school. He has always loved art from a young age, and because back home in Africa his family did not have the means to send him to a school he himself learned how to draw and create these images that inspire him.

“I have loved art since I was a child. When one does what one loves for a living, It’s something very positive”

Check out  His works here!

If your in LA the next couple of days head down to the Pan African Film Festival for African Art, Films, and Culture!
At the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall!

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