Film Review: Lets Stay Together

This is a feature film directed by Joshua Bee Alafia about family units and the black community. It is a narrative about the main character who is trying to answer the question of  why African American families have troubles keeping together in this society, who also believes that Al Green is the salvation of family relationships. It is about race and perception of such in society.

I really enjoyed this movie and all that the people involved had to share about their experiences. I found there was many different aspects of spirituality involved that made it refreshing and inviting to all peoples and not only blacks. It really encompassed the many answers to that question, “Why can’t we keep it together?” It features, single mothers, fathers and why they leave, young adults becoming pregnant before they are ready, and much more. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone and anyone who wants a well rounded perspective on why families in this American society are faulty and also a solution to how this can be changed.

As a young female in society my solution to this would be to first find love within yourself before you fully share yourself with another person. Each relationship we get into shows us more about ourselves and most likely those things in our partners that anger us so much are things that we ourselves must reflect on within.

I loved that this movie featured many singers and songwriters as well, so much talent was shared in one film. That is the true collective consciousness in action!

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