New Music By Finit!

Awesome Improv Drum & Bass Band called Finit has come out with some new jams to share with us! What is their music like you ask?

You know that feeling when you lean back in your chair just a little too far and start to fall, but catch your self at the last moment, its like that…

But all the time.

They will be playing at LunarBurn Festival this year! Will post the information on that if any of you readers are in the area check it out!

“Epic jam with the keyboard player. I have never been smiling so much and dancing so much as i played, this is the kind of music i hear in my dreams and then i got to go play it. All of it is improvised. It was such an amazing experience to play with this guy, it was an incredible exchange.” 

– Joe Kelner, Drummer

“And this is the slow pretty song that i got a HUGE Pink Floyd vibe from. I listen to this and it is the first time i have ever cried from my own music”

-Joe Kelner



Dont forget you can also find them at lunarburn 2013!

LunarBurn Is A LEAVE NO TRACE, BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING Art And Music Festival Celebrating Community And Cosmos. Our Desire Is To Put Our Community Into Positive Action Through The Celebration Of Celestial Bodies And Stellar Occurrences. We Are A Community-Driven Gathering With Permaculture Ethos And Positive Vibes.

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