Series 6 Of Short Films At the Pan African Film Fest

I saw a lot of great short films at the festival this year, but few stood out to me because of their breakthroughs  in issues regarding the youth.

Short Series 6 group of films are, “The Silent Treatment” Director: Martine Jean , “The Redeemer” Director: Erma Elzy, and the one i’d like to feature in this post, “Stranded In Exsistence” Director: Adekola Popoola

Synopsis: Nicholas has just turned 21. He has contemplated his reasons for living for a long time, but now he is lonelier than ever and his depression is worsening. He decides that his last hope for living is to win the heart of a beautiful classmate or else everything will come to an end.

This movie was inspired by the directors own battles with depression as well as the recent films “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” and “Silver Linings Playbook”. He has had the idea and urgency to create a story about isolation and depression since he was 16. I believe it took time to manifest because he needed that experience before he could properly convey that message. I think it is safe to say those films resonate with most of us who have had to deal with similar situations either within ourselves or with loved ones.  Another inspiration for Popoola, is the theme of loneliness especially in college.

I myself had times when I felt isolated and being far from home with no means of transportation, sometimes that can take charge over your emotions if you are still not stable with who you are. The main theme of this film was to find a reason for life within yourself even in that loneliness. I thought that was brilliant because the main character placed all of his motive for life within gaining the affections of this woman, which I believe many of my peers do. We tend to look everywhere outside ourselves for true love, but really it begins within.

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