Third Eye Stare By Kine Fall

She stared. Onto the blank pages that took ages to contemplate; the written form.

Verbs she became, and the paper took shape.

It howled in the night, restless nights.

When her parents continually took flight until somehow one day it all seemed right.

And she stared.
Into the blank faces, that always left traces… trails of their love that failed.
Fail, fail, fail, fail, fall, into the depths of it all.
There she waited for the word.

That call that would give her worth,

Even she believed it was found in other places.



Rewind and fast-forward just so she could look again.
To find the trend,

Of people who used to be friends.
They might give her worth, she hoped.

Still searching in other places, for what lies within.

The gift she had already been given.

Closing her eyes, she stared…

But this time with her third eye;

Shocked at what she saw.

A temporary exit to existence

Surrounded by turmoil.


Finding Silence,

To tame the beastly burden.

-Kine Fall

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