Short Film Review : Crossover

Crossover is a short science fiction film directed by Tina Mabry, and was featured in the Pan African Film Festival Short Series 5 along with three other films. I chose to only review this one because it greatly surpassed the others in content and visuals. Unfortunately no one from the movie showed up for the Q&A session so we did not get any more info on the inspiration behind it, but from watching the film it’s pretty relevant to current world issues. I would love to see this film become a feature one day, the message in it is profound… as is the direction and acting.


In a future where schools are segregated by economic status, a struggling mother must decide whether to sell her own organs to give her children a better education.


A few things really stuck me about this film. One of them is the strong political context that greatly reflects the current situations with schools and crime that our society portrays constantly in the news. They say its “constitutional” to segregate schools between economic class, that directly reflects the way many of our constitutional rights have been compromised so easily. Those who are in the restricted population are wealthy and barcoded. This film makes you think deeper about the way our society is going now, and any movie with the ability to do that is worth watching.

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