Short Story Writing Prompt: “5 within 5”

Prompt: Look around you and choose five things within five metres of you. Now write a short story where these five things are mentioned

The glass of water was not even half full, I finally decided to pick it up and realized it was not glass at all but plastic. What led me to believe that he would show up? Could have been the charismatic way he said,
“I don’t usually tell people this” With a sexy smirk that flashed his pearl white teeth.

What really sucked was that it took me 30 minutes to find that obscure hole in the wall of a restaurant. I was the one who was supposed to be late. The barista began blowing out the handmade orange peel candles, and through the window I stared down a couple crossing the street together happily.

I had dressed up that night for once and even decided to wear the skirt my sister bought me in attempts to get me to look more “girly”. The red lipstick was a bold choice for a person who spent all of her life wearing non scented chap stick.

“Hey. You. Girl. We close in Five minutes”
The snappy waitress was as “artsy” as they could get, with her ombre dreads and leather dickens- like  boots. It was definitely the worst of times for her, being the last employee left with the basket case who got stood up.

I started to gather my things, putting my pen back into its place in my pocket protector and folding the little pink flyer I picked up on the way inside advertising some cheapo rock show. I figured, ‘hey! might find some less charismatic, but cute one night hipster crooner kind of guy there’. Preferably someone in a band.

I got up to pay the bill, taking my time in case I’d be surprised with some kind of cheesy romantic comedy ending where the date suddenly shows up. Clothes all ripped, face bruised with an explanation for why he was so terribly late… and I’d pretend to be upset, then end up making passionate love with him in his apartment hallway before we even reached the door.

But no, I did not get my surprise ending.

I sat at the bus stop for an hour, watching the lights change and no cars on the street to abide. Out of the blue someone sauntered over and stopped near me to wait. He had a newly grown mustache, round brown felt hat and a jean button down shirt on. He looked like a traveler kid from Arizona or something, with long silky hair.

“How long you been waitin’?
He asked me nonchalantly with a backpack by his side.

“Oh, not long bus should be here any minute now…”
I lied so he would stick around. I had no idea which bus I was supposed to take anyhow.

Stick around he did, and we talked about the city, books , and obscure psychedelic bands. Out of the blue he handed me some bottle top, an odd red flip cap sort of thing that you would by at a dollar store, with a dragon hand painted on the side.

“Keep it, dragon is your spirit animal”
I laughed, but looking at his face I could see he was serious. I took it and put it in my bag, it was about 2:00 am by then.

“Hey, are you sure the busses are still running?”
He was probably so high that he didn’t realize how gullible he was to sit and wait this late. I  myself wasn’t high but something made me become so naive to stay.

By 5:00 am, in the quiet solitude of the Presidio underneath the rotting Oak trees, we were making love like wolves… howling away at the moon.

Once you drop your expectations, possibilities are endless… and that’s the silver lining to getting stood up.

Written By Kine Fall

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