Talking with the Taxman about Poetry

This is an independent  feature film directed by Lamont Pierre.


 Living a meaningless life as a recently fired substitute teacher, Theodore, an uninspired writer, is manipulated back to life when Seven, an enigmatic trumpet player, causes an awakening in him through the medium of the written word.

561171_416449068391782_997298703_nThis film was filled with amazing spoken word poetry throughout, and intriguing characters that brought up interesting and controversial thoughts about life, love and artistry. I could relate with the main characters lack of motivation for sharing his works with society. But I realized that blaming the lack on the system was simply ridiculous, because that is what fuels most of my inspiration for creating int he first place!  I thought this was an interesting quote by his best friend in the film played by Steph Jones,

“The more you know the more depressed you become” 

It made me think about how that could be true in my circumstances. I allow myself to be held back from certain opportunities because of what I believe I “know” about how society works and how the system oppresses those kind of revolutionary ideas. But the truth is nobody really “knows” anything to be true, until we create that truth with our minds. Even our minds cannot create absolute truth, that is something that lies within.

This film also portrays love and the issue of trust. Seven, who hires Theodore to write his story, is a chronic cheater. He does not see himself as a villain who hurts others, but that is the way Theodore portrays him in his story. It goes to show that nobody can write your story as you see yourself, but only as they see you. I think that goes true for any medium of art and the ideas that we have in our heads. You can never simply hire someone to manifest the ideas the way they are perceived in your mind. And in the same way, nobody can ever recreate what is yours. Exactly where the title of the film comes from, it would be like talking to the taxman about poetry, attempting to explain your own ideas to someone else and have them perceive it exactly as you do.

In the course of the film, Theodore who is a gay man… falls in love with Seven despite his knowledge of how cruel and dishonest he is. I have friends who fall for the same kind of people knowing they will only get hurt. That is a form of sadomasochism, people who enjoy pain and spreading it to others.  I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys analyzing deep characters, psychology and poetry.

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