The Vintage Psychedelic Works Of Philippe Caza

At 18, Cazaumayou started a career in advertising which lasted for ten years, but in 1970 he entered the field of bandes dessinées, releasing his first album, Kris Kool. Caza began to publish work in the magazine Pilote, starting with his series Quand les costumes avaient des dents (When Costumes had Teeth) in 1971, followed by other short work. The series of stories Scènes de la vie de banlieue (Scenes of Suburban Life) was published in 1975, followed by the L’Âge d’Ombre stories, Les Habitants du crépuscule and Les Remparts de la nuit.

These comics really illustrate a sci-fi fantasy that resonates with the dreams and spiritual thoughts of myself and i’m sure it will resonate with our readers on this blog. Check it out!

Les Monstres du Placard 

Les Monstres du Placard


Now his first work Kris Kool and few other of his comics are up for sale as an ebook!

For 6.50 euros (Paypal accepted), 70 pages of rare work lovingly assembled and restored by Caza and his son Romain.

Support and buy it!

Caza’s Blog

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