The Art Of Celi Lee

This artwork takes you to the astral, her imagery is reminiscent of the waves and bands of energy that we do not see but are all around us. She uses graphite pencils and other mediums to create wicked designs and details that look like images you’d only form in your dreams.

Céli enjoys working with different medium and utilising a blend of traditional art and digital technology. Filled with organic and abstract forms, Céli’s work reveals an intensive dedication to nature and myths. Through her detailed and abstract imagery, she depicts a world that ‘all feels incredibly surreal, as though you’re traveling through some new, as yet undiscovered dimension’ (Alexa Kestecher, The Creators Project, August 21, 2012).

“I’m a multi-disiplinary artist and conceptual designer based in London.
I’m open to freelance and collaborative opportunities.”

Check out her site!

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