Giant Leap: What About Me?: Review & Video

This is a must see documentary that covers a range of themes, sexuality, feminism, childhood, old age, Media, and many more all surrounded by a background of original music and cultures from all over the world. It is truly a full spectrum view into the world we live in and the truth of how we may transcend the fallacies that are constantly pushed in our faces.

One great point Noam Chomsky makes in this movie, is that he gets all kinds of letters from people in the US and England, these places with the most “freedom” to do whatever you want and then letters from third world countries but only the people from the larger countries (US/England) don’t know what to do to change the way things are!! The people from third world countries in contrast tell him what they are doing!

That alone just made me laugh. So Sad how we can do anything and have access to all this information and yet we are lost as to which direction to take to inspire change… Well not all of us, but most.

Some artist in this film include, Santana and Baaba Mal as well as influential speakers, authors, and leaders such as Deepak Chopra.

Check it out!

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