Matriarch Mother Of The Earth By Alejandro Herrera

This is a sneak peak of a series of works hand drawn with India Ink By Alejandro Herrera.

A mandala painting, black and white, 3 x 1.75 meters, India ink over paper. 

The depiction of a higher female supreme deity, composed of ancient symbols and patterns from

different cultures: Mayan, Indian, African, Celtic, Sumerian, Egyptian and many other cultures aswell as letters, symbols and patterns created by the artist.

She symbolizes the supreme mother of the Earth and the Universe in the form of the decapitator of the fears, the transformation through destruction, Kali Maa or Mother Goddess of the Earth. Shakti, Durga, Gayatri, Nut, Isis, Hathor, Ishtar, Freyja, Aphrodite, Venus, Gaia, Pachamama, Quechua, Tawantinsuyu, Guadalupe, Ix Chel, Coatlicue, she also represents the ultimate facing with death, each skull in her waist represents a different fear which in our lifetime, a certain fear needs to be decapitated to overcome the karma and achieve ascension as higher beings.

Part of the series “Supreme Deities and the Age of the Shift of Consciousness” by Alejandro Herrera

shamana 1

shamana 2

Shamana 3 negativo

shamana 3

If you have any questions, Email him At:

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