Back From The MotherLand!

Hello lovely Artists and Lovers,
I’m sorry for the lengthy absence but now I have returned from a long and wonderful journey in Togo, West Africa. The people, the land and the lifestyle there has inspired me greatly to work harder to promote and produce some change there… but not the kind of change that most the youth I spoke to are interested in. I realized that many people in Africa and third world countries view Americanism as the pinnacle of society, it was very difficult to explain that is not the case. The real pinnacle of any society is the mind of the people, collectively. If African’s embraced their land and people for who they truly were, the motherland could thrive as it was meant to. I fear that the colonialism has contaminated the minds of the youth there, I have struggled with the idea of revolution and if that is really necessary in societies. I am starting to feel like the real change must occur within and cannot be dictated, so now the question is… How?







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