TEDX Talks Controversy

Earlier this month, Fu-Ding a Shamanic Practitioner , Artist and Teacher sent out an email inviting his followers to a TEDx Talk that he was to have about modes of perception and the Shamanic view on life. Shortly after he sent out another email saying that TEDx Talks had a problem with the subject matter and were canceling, here is a copy of this email:

TED people have suddenly censored talks that explore modes of perception beyond “reason.”
They have taken down videos by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, (English biochemist who first came to attention 
with his pioneering research into “morphic resonance,” memory, perception and parapsychology), and Graham Hancock who had given a talk on his experience with ayahuasca and a corresponding shift in consciousness. 
TED people are scared of “pseudo-sciences,” and may be targeting Marianne Williamson next, among others.
To many, this seems to be a classic clash between
materialistic science and its mechanical view of the universe, and 
the quest for new paradigms for new times. 
As a consequence, TED has suddenly chosen to withdraw their backing from our Talk because 
it “doesn’t meet our guidelines.” 
I find this to  be disappointing, seeing that TED was a great resource for new ideas to be expressed in a great way. Its strange that they are now showing their true colors that they are not as open minded as they advertise…Our mission: Spreading ideas.

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Here are more links on the controversy, please feel free to share your thoughts!

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